Abuse in ancient tongue on the rise…

Trolling in Latin has become the latest way for the angry and dispossessed to vent their anger online. Cases have risen from 8 tweets in 2014 to a record 9060 as of Dec 2016 and police are now treating the epidemic as a “Category A” cyber crime.

Celebrities have become the most frequent target of the classical abuse, with Harry Styles going into meltdown on Twitter after users ganged up to bombard the singer with historical maxims, such as “nivittus dum sancti esperum” and “leppenus ven spatrax despri”. The content of these messages cannot be translated on a family website.

Harry Styles

Styles’ distress and frustration were evident as he Tweeted a series of retorts, which are collected below:

@HarryStylezUK Can people throwing insults at me in standard Latin back off please #insulting

@HarryStylezUK Ok guys not funny anymore. That last one was really nasty. #unsettling

@HarryStylezUK LOOK WOT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? FFS!!!!!! #harryangry

@HarryStylezUK Stop slinging Latin yeah? Can you not see I am in torment??? #horribleafternoon

@HarryStylezUK More ancient tongue. AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! #meltdown

“This latest example of trolls harrassing people and celebrities on the internet has spread fast and is having devastating consequences,” commented Superintendent Graham Hamstervillage of the Serious Crime Squadron. “It’s not just disaffected university professors who are doing this. It’s teenagers in their bedrooms who’ve become hooked on the historical vibe and are targeting vulnerable surfers without remorse.”

If you have any information on Latin bullying online get in touch with this blog and we will pass it onto whoever it needs to be passed to. MI5 or someone.